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This has been our opportunity to rewrite our story. Square One wasn't founded until the winter of 2006, but our roots of developing watersports products dates back to the early 60's. Over the course of those decades we have made about every mistake you can running a business.


Going back to Square One - working out of a barn without heat was that time to reflect on what we liked, and what we didn't about the way we used to do things. A clean slate devoted to specialty retailers making the most custom products ever developed. A chance to work with suppliers, and factories that have that same philosophy of the best of the best, regardless of cost, or where they are based.


We hope you enjoy riding the products half as much as we do making them. A true labor of love.



  • First compression-molded waterski

  • First compression-molded wakeboard

  • First compression-molded wakesurfer

  • First compression-molded wakeskate

  • First modern day design ski boot

  • First wakeboard boot

  • First signature wakeboard

  • First signature waterski

  • First in countless designs of boards, skis, and surfers


We've won every WSIA industry award throughout the years - buzz brand, innovation of the year, marketing campaign of the year, etc. etc.


Your one stop shop for wakeboarding, wakesurfing, foiling and more. 


Radar was founded and led by skiers who have instilled in us the passion to push beyond the norm and make better products.



All you need to create your perfect wake


We believe taking care of your boat should be effortless, enjoyable, and kind to the environment.

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Ok - so we created the first wakeboard in 1990, are independently run, and some of our owners can do 1080's and even a 1260. Doesn't matter to you?

Only one factor matters with us - the quality of product.

Sourcing new memory foam in footwear, a weave of glass better than anything Massi has ever experienced off the wake. Ronix is a company that is surrounded by perfection, with products that take longer to make, and are ridden harder. Through our search we truly have created a global company - working with material suppliers in 14 countries and 4 continents. A more expensive way of doing business for sure, but when vou slip into our boots and hit a left hander at the end of the lake we think you'll know why.


Starting out strapping into bungees, riding a phaser equipped, directional shape, tri-fin powered special. Through time - admired, mocked and mimicked - until eventually the market was marketed with confusion. Which leaves us here.. A clean slate - and friends with a similar sound. A non-venting venture of artists. engineers, riders and others as owners making riding devices coliectively crafted for the imagination of wakeboarding. Our axiom will always be based on products and tales of tomorrows riding. A chance to make a point, confront the norm, and answer the question why.

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Skiing is fun. It sounds simple but it's what drives us to build the best products day in and day out. Radar was founded and led by skiers who have instilled in us the passion to push beyond the norm and make better products. This passion fuels our desire to innovate and create. It means early mornings and late nights, red-eye flights followed by dawn sessions. lead us to conversations that flow to progression. We never stop dreaming of what's next and what we can do to make skiing even better. Our constant desire to push the sport leads us to where we are now. We have fun creating every day so that you can have fun on the water.

Just go ski.

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Did you know 1 Gallon of water = Eight.3 Ibs?

Now that you know the meaning of our name - it's important to know the story of a ballast bag.


In August of 1998 Wayne Remnant from Collingwood Ontario Canada forever changed the landscape of watersports when he was issued a utility patent on a wake enhancing structure - aka Ballast Bag. At this point in time wakeboarding was going through a massive explosion - wakesurfing was just being introduced and the timing for an easy way to extend some extra pounds in your boat for a bigger wake couldn't have been better. Wayne had already moved to his next chapter of innovations so he just licensed out his groundbreaking idea to a couple of companies. These newly formed companies made it possible for pretty much any avid rider to extend their endless summer and make every jump feel like a double up - by more than doubling the size of their boat wake because of these ballast bags.


Fast forward fourteen years later we called up Wayne and told him we were looking to start a ballast bag company ourselves and wondered if we could do a licensing deal with him as well. He said I would do one better - I will sell you my patent, and on top of that I have had this idea for a telescoping bag that will fill and drain up to 3 times faster than a conventional plug and play bag. So in June of 2012 we signed the bottom line, and the birth of the fastest ballast system out there was born - Eight.3. The most complete range of systems available.



A couple of years ago we decided to create a new division for boating needs that function, look, or in some cases, smell, a whole lot better. Taking your boat out should be effortless, enjoyable, and kind to the environment. We are super excited about where we can go with Captain's Kit and having a fresh perspective on marine necessities.

2022 CAPTAIN'S KIT 36.jpg

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